Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cross Cultural Management in the Context of Business Objects Essay

Cross Cultural Management in the Context of Business Objects - Essay Example Every organization has a unique culture that gives it a special identity. Historically the word, ‘culture’, has been used differently in different subjects. Sometimes it is used to describe the sophistication of a person, whereas sometimes it is used by the anthropologists while they are describing the rituals and customs that different societies have developed over the passage of time. However, over the past few decades, the word is more used in organizational context. Experts and researchers have used the term in order to describe the practices and climate that have developed in the process of managing and handling the people in the organization (Schein, 2004). In today’s competitive business environment organizational culture is considered one of the most important factors that influence the individual performance and hence organizational performance. Management of culture becomes critical when there are people from different culture work together in the organi zation. Â  This paper is all about the management of organizational culture and various issues related to it in an organization named Business Objects. The report includes a brief overview of the organization and different problem regarding its culture. It also includes a detailed overview of the policy that should be implemented in the organization in order to solve and manage cross-cultural issues. Culture greatly influences the team performance especially when the team consists of people from the different cultural background. This report contains some possible solutions of problems regarding multicultural teams in the context of Business Objects. Â  Business Objects was established by Bernard Liautaud and one of his colleagues in 1990. The company started with software development.

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