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The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway - Essay Example Jake Barnes of Ernest Hemingway’s novel â€Å"The Sun Also Rises,† is the hero, as he possesses these qualities of head and heart. This hero knows the values of simple pleasures of life and finds the meaning of existence in them in trying circumstances. Hemingway places Jake into tragic situations to test his mettle, and shows how Jake does not submit to them meekly, and emerges with credit to set examples to others. Those who come into his contact have no option but to praise his disposition and learn something of the leadership qualities that are needed in a war situation. Pressure does not create any adverse reactions in his dealings. Jake is not a hero in terms of physical strength, but of the mind. His understanding of life is profound and he is not affected with success or failure. Sincere and skillful performances are his concerns. Jake has two types of values. One set is related to the army of which he is the integral part and another set relates to his personal values. He will not, under any circumstances violate the army rules but adds dignity to them with his personal values. His code of morality inspires even the enemy that is at war. Thus humanity and morality always triumph over enmity. The successful execution of the balancing act in a difficult situation is the hallmark of a true hero like Jake. The aftermath of World War I left harrowing societal situations. Jake’s war-incurred injury has turned him sexually impotent. However, he still has romantic urges, both intellectually and sexually. In the first part of the novel, a prostitute Georgette LeBlanc, catches the imagination of Jake and though he is unable to have any sexual relations with her, he still hires her and confesses, â€Å"[I had] a vague sentimental idea that it would be nice to eat with someone." (24) The generation, immediately after the war, finds itself directionless and destination-less. In such a grim situation anyone will turn cynical, but not Jake. He i s physically challenged from the war. He is part of the aimless and scared war survivors, but the important traits of his charismatic personality are depicted brilliantly by Hemingway. Nowhere in the novel is Jake a resigned character. He has his emotional problems, besides his physical disability. His sacrifice wins him the accolades of an Italian General who exclaims, â€Å"You†¦.have given more than your life. What a speech! I would like to have it illuminated to hang in the office.†(39) Jake’s disability affects his life from both ends, physically as well as emotionally. From the physical angle he is unable to consummate his love for Brett Ashley, and the tragic part of the relationship is, he must spend his time being in nearness to the one who is most dear to his heart at that turn of his life and he has daily interactions with her. He accepts his handicap that would have crushed any man, with great sense of equipoise. He does not exploit his physical handic ap to emotionally blackmail Brett, and he tries to overcome his plight with courage showing great understanding. He does not escape from the reality. He is desperate, but he will not compromise with the reality of his intense internal suffering arising out of his physical handicap. Hemmingway describes the plight of Jake brilliantly in the brief conversation that takes between the two lovers. This is the fitting finale to the story of the novel. â€Å"

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