Friday, August 9, 2019

U.S. and Nevada Constitutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

U.S. and Nevada Constitutions - Essay Example ed by Bowers that â€Å"the incredibly short span of three years from territory to statehood and the events predating and surrounding that transition make the Nevada Constitution a truly exceptional document† (12). Due to several amendments made to this constitution, it has ended up with more words and more details as compared to the United States constitution; it is more deeply descriptive, while the U.S.’s is more general in terms of its structure. As per the constitution of Nevada, it has 19 articles that describe the basic laws ranging from the organization of the government, power distribution within the government institutions, and the bill of rights meant to protect the people from any form of oppression. In most cases, the Nevada constitution resembles that of the U.S. though in some other instances, there are variations which result in differences in length, for example the omission of individual rights from the U.S. constitution, but present in the Nevada constitution. According to Bowers (15), Nevada’s constitution provides a more direct means of separation of powers into three most basic divisions and has an additional system for checks and balances moreover this constitution has a system for amendments and revision whereby the judiciary has been vested with such powers. These additional clauses makes it longer that the U.S constitution. There are various factors that define the length and details of a state constitution. According to Berman, â€Å"a broad historical factor accounting for this condition was the loss of popular confidence in state legislators† (77). Constitutional amendments made after the civil wars had extensive and detailed policies to prevent corruptions and mismanagement that marred the nation. The ease of amendments provided by the Nevada’s constitution has made it easier to add additional values by the concerned parties. In general, most of the state constitutions are noteworthy constitutions; the differences can be

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