Sunday, September 8, 2019

Do humans need to eat meat to have a healthy diet Essay

Do humans need to eat meat to have a healthy diet - Essay Example They may lead different lifestyles that may effect their health beyond issues of diet. Nevertheless, as one study recently put it â€Å"there is some evidence that including lean meat in weight-loss diets may be advantageous, as high protein intakes may increase satiety and help with appetite regulation . . .† (Stanner). When it comes to improving the iron count in women's blood, for example, meat plays a very important role. A recent study indicates that compared with a vegetable diet, a meat diet improves iron uptake (Tetens, et al). These are important considerations to take into account when thinking about the role of meat in any diet. There are a plethora of dietary fads out there. Many people wish to sell their diet to you, but there is little science to support the idea that a meat-based diet is bad. In fact, the evidence points the other way. Meat, in appropriate quantities, has positive health effects and should be part of a healthy and balanced diet. Work consulted S tanner, Sara. â€Å"Red meat: facts not fiction.† Practice Nurse. 34 (2007). Tetens, Inge, et al. â€Å"The impact of a meat- versus a vegetable-based diet on iron status in women of childbearing age with small iron stores.† European Journal of Nutrition. 46 (2007): 439–445

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