Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Edit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Edit - Essay Example Fairy tales never have both sides of the characters in their story. If one person is shown to be kind and smart, the other character must be stupid or mean. Children realize who the â€Å"better† people are and can easily comprehend the differences between the two characters having opposite characteristics. A fairy tale’s ending of â€Å"happily ever after† explains how the clever and â€Å"good† people can overcome and win their conflict with evil. In addition, fairy tales teach children of when to encounter trials and tribulations in their lives; Children are bound to experience hardships and obstacles in the future. They will know that evil gets punished in the end and they will overcome the dilemmas through their virtuous deeds. Bettelheim convinces that fairy tales make children realize that they can overcome dilemmas and hardships through virtuous deeds, morality and hope. I agree with Bettelheim that fairy tales can guide children’s developme nt. This is because at the end of each tale, children are taught how to overcome hardships and avoid being punished due to evil characters (Bettelheim 128). Virtuous deeds and morality can lead to happy endings and give a positive lesson to the reader. In most cases, fairy tales do not deal with ambivalent characters. Instead they show characters that are either evil or bad without the mixture of the two characters. For instance, in the Cinderella fairy tale the main character is a kind and good person. On the other hand, the stepmother to Cinderella is an evil character. We find that even after Cinderella growing up in an evil family, she does not turn to be an ambivalent character. Instead she uses her Virtuous deeds and morality to become a good person that overcomes hardships and conflict with her evil family. This Fairy tale teach the reader that even though a person may experience an environment that is evil her or she can avoid being ambivalent through Virtuous deeds (Bettelheim

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