Saturday, October 5, 2019

Organization and Organizational Change Assignment

Organization and Organizational Change - Assignment Example With time constraint, management must maximize its time to alleviating the most pressing problems or issues. By identifying the actual performances, management can focus more time on the poor performances. After the poor performances are resolved, management can focus on improving the poor performance activities. Next, the author rightfully observes change management can allocate time to increasing performance outputs. Finally, management can use the remaining time to increase the average-rated activities. Resolving the above average performances, management can now use any possible time to ensuring retention of the best rated performances. Dean Anderson emphasized â€Å"different factors contribute to the change management process† (Anderson 31). The author correctly states that several factors are used in the formulation of the change management decisions. One of the factors is the competitors. When the competitor reduces its selling prices, the other competitors are persuaded to reduce their selling prices. Further, another factor is technology. When the author rightfully insists some competitors introduce new product technologies, all competitors are persuaded to acquire similar or even better product technology. For example, one company offers online booking services to its current and future customers. To retain customers, competitors are persuaded to implement similar online booking or marketing services. Furthermore, the author correctly insists changes in government statutes contribute to responsive change management strategies. For example, some governments require companies to reduce their factory smoke stack emissions. Consequently, management must comply. New government policies may require factory facilities to stop including all ozone layer damaging ingredients in the production process. Professor Robert Paton (51) emphasized â€Å"Companies must do their best to alleviate any resistance.† Some employees dislike learning

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