Monday, October 7, 2019

Should the United Kingdom Introduce a Written Constitution Essay

Should the United Kingdom Introduce a Written Constitution - Essay Example A constitution may come in two forms --the written and unwritten constitution. When these set of laws are put in writing and bound in a single document it is then called a written constitution, otherwise it is referred to as an unwritten constitution. Presently, most countries have formulated and are functioning and enforcing their laws through a written constitution. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) however is far removed from these modern day countries since they do not have a written constitution as yet.   Aside from these two countries, there are only a handful of countries that remain without a written constitution, namely--New Zealand, Israel and San Marino. Countries that function without a written constitution are similarly referred to as countries with an uncodified constitution as the sources of laws, governmental and individual rights are not contained in one fundamental instrument but rather embodied in a series of documents. The judicial branch makes use Acts of Parliament, Treaties, European Union Law, Common Law, Conventions and Works of Authority as their reference in deciding a case. Royal prerogatives and Parliamentary constitutional conventions are equally used as their sources of law.  From the given characteristics of a constitution the question still remains: Is there a need for the United Kingdom to introduce a written constitution? This paper aims to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of introducing a written constitution in the United Kingdom and to arrive at an educated opinion whether it would be best for the United Kingdom to create its own constitution. The position of the researcher is for the United Kingdom to maintain its current disposition on the grounds that it has long survived without a written constitution and it has created safeguards that would ensure that its citizens’ rights and liberties would be protected from the self-interest of those people in power.

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