Thursday, November 21, 2019

Distinct Drivers for Change in ZExpress Assignment

Distinct Drivers for Change in ZExpress - Assignment Example Rockart defines it as: â€Å"the limited number of areas in which results if they are satisfactory, will ensure successful competitive performance for the business. They are all the vital areas where ‘things must go right’ for the business to flourish. (qt. in Harrison, et al, 1993 p418.) These drivers are also consistent with the four business goals of the organization as explained in the new CEO’s vision: â€Å"increase revenue, reduce costs, improved customer service, to be agile and responsive to the changes in customer’s and business’ needs across the world.† Establishing full global presence within the next six months in order to obtain a new and substantial business partner is a very important driver for ZExpress. This will determine whether Bonsai Motor Corporation’s partnership with the company for the distribution of accessories and spare parts of  µcron. The likely impact if ZExpress does not establish a full global presence within the next six months is that they would lose millions from the potential partnership with Bonsai Motor Corporation. This partnership would see ZExpress distributing accessories and spare parts for the  µcron. They would hold stocks of parts and guarantee delivery within 24 hours to any location in the world. This vehicle is very economical and should be in high demand as it is demonstrated to travel in excess of 120 miles on a US gallon of petrol. With the price of petrol where it is now, this is a good buy for someone who is interested in energy conservation. Innovation is important within the context of ZExpress to ensure real-time information and the reliability of the tracking system. The customer wants to be able to track the package to the delivery point within the specified time period.  

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