Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Film review romeo juliet Essays

Film review romeo juliet Essays Film review romeo juliet Essay Film review romeo juliet Essay Film review -Romeo and Juliet This is a review o a film we have seen recently. Its a classical love story written by Shakespeare. In this remake of the play we follow Leonardo Diaspora (Romeo) and Claire Danes Elite). Im going to reflect about the suicide in the end, and how it influences the plot and also how Shakespeare has chosen to convey teen love. What happened (very short summarize)? What happens in the end is that Romeo sees Juliet lying on the big bed surrounded by over a hundred candles. Obviously he thinks she is dead. He says that his life is tot worth living without her by his side. : So he drinks his poison and the same second as he swallows the poison Juliet wakes up. He mentioned this Just a second too late. After theyve kissed for the last time Romeo dies. Juliet takes up the gun that Romeo brought to the church and shoots herself in the head. Analysis: The end is what I thought was the most interesting part of the movie. Thats why Im going to explain and develop my thoughts about teen love. I do not think the suicidal impulse is a separate issue. I Just think its a way to convey the young love in a very throng way. If you compare to many other movies they convey young love in a different way, by a happy ending. The thing is that it doesnt give as much effect as it does in this movie. You get a much bigger sympathy for the actors and its also much easier to understand how strong their attraction to each other is. Many times teen love can be even stronger than love between adults. This is because adults may have been hurt a few times before and therefore know how it is to be heartbroken. This may cause that adults do fear to fall in love. In Robins song Indestructible she sings Im goanna love you like Vive never been hurt before. This is a very good quote which I think define, how I would describe teen love. Teens can fall in love very fast, and they can also proceed, because they have no limits how enamored they can get, and as I said, they may not know how it is to be hurt. This is what I think Shakespeare is trying (and also succeed) to convey to us readers. He put this feeling into words, he explains through the story how this young love is something that people, who has never been hurt before, can die for. And not to forget what this story is all about, forbidden love. This shows that young love is not Just something to die for. Both Romeo and Juliet are ready to deceive their families because of this. This meaner that Shakespeare seems to think that this young love is something to both deceive your family and die for, which I think is a very good explanation to make people understand this phenomenon. As you may have mentioned, I dont think that this is irrelevant to the plot. Id rather say that this is the plot. These are my thoughts and reflections of the newly produced film and worldwide known story about RomeoJuliet. film review Romeo Juliet By overoptimistic

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